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Christmas in Arizona 2023: Events, Lights, Food and Cookie Recipes, and Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

December is a month filled with excitement, joy, and enchantment.

Arizona is becoming a winter destination with festive cheer, bright decorations, and a vibrant atmosphere. Streets are adorned with colorful lights and ornaments, houses light up with festive decorations, and the air fills with the sweet aroma of Christmas treats.

Exciting events such as the ice skating at CitySkate in Phoenix, the Insta-worthy photo spots around the Princess's Christmas, and the Holiday Festival Car Show offer a whirlwind of experiences catered to enjoying the festive spirit. Undoubtedly, the magic of Christmas is at its peak during December in Arizona.

The wait is finally over. It's the most magical time of the year, and it's here! Welcome, December. We've been waiting for you. We have some great stuff inside that you won't want to miss. This article has everything from delectable Christmas food and cookie recipes that will tantalize your taste buds to creative gift-wrapping ideas that will make your presents truly unforgettable.

We also have an exciting lineup of Arizona activities that will leave you amazed. So come along as we unravel the enchantment of this extraordinary month and dive headfirst down the chimney and into a world filled with wonder, seasonal flavors, breathtaking aesthetics, and exhilarating adventures - because it's time to unwrap the magic of December 2023!

What makes December in Arizona special?

Christmas in Arizona uniquely blends classic holiday traditions and Southwestern flavor. As the festive season rolls in, Arizonians bid goodbye to the scorching summer and welcome mild winters and clear blue skies. The state boasts everything from snow-covered pine forests in Flagstaff for a white Christmas feel to a unique tumbleweed Christmas tree in Phoenix. Whether lounging by the pool with Santa in Tucson or snuggling by a warm fire in Prescott, Christmas in Arizona is unique.


Let's Start with Mouth-Watering Christmas Recipes

Traditional Arizona Christmas Treats

Christmas in Arizona uniquely amalgamates traditional holiday treats and Southwest-inspired culinary delights.

Some favorites include Posole, a hearty stew famous during the holiday season, made with hominy, pork, and spices and served with warm tortillas. Another crowd-pleaser is the Tamale, a Mexican dish made of masa filled with meats, cheeses, or fruits, which has found a significant place in Arizona's holiday tradition.

Sweet treats include Mexican Wedding cookies, and light buttery delights rolled in powdered sugar, perfect for a Christmas treat. Bischochitos, anise-flavored cookies and Empanadas, turnovers filled with sweet pumpkin puree, are also time-honored holiday favorites.

Mexican Wedding Cookies Christmas Recipe

Lastly, a holiday meal in Arizona would not be complete without a glass of Champurrado, a traditional Mexican hot chocolate made with chocolate, cinnamon, anise, and masa. It's the perfect companion for the cool winter nights.

Overall, Arizona boasts a flavorful culinary scene during Christmas, influenced by its multicultural roots and desert landscapes.

Champurrado, a traditional Mexican hot chocolate

Inspired Christmas Dishes with a Twist

Arizonians' creativity is reflected in their infusing Southwestern flavors into traditional Christmas dishes, resulting in a food experience like no other. The Match Restaurant & Lounge hosts an annual Christmas feast with an attractive Southwest twist. Here's a peek at what they have to offer:

  • Patrons can enjoy a traditional Mexican dinner from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

  • Tamales with mole, refried beans with cotija cheese, and elote.

  • Caramel flan with fresh fruit.

Meanwhile, Christmas at Mochilero in Peoria offers a menu handcrafted by Chef Jorge Cota, boasting flavorful dishes with a Southwest inspiration.

Also, on December 24 or 25, be ready for a delightful three-course Christmas meal at The Americano, specially prepared by Scott Conant to ring in the holiday season.

Whether crafting dishes with locally sourced ingredients or adding a dash of traditional spices for that Southwestern touch, Arizona knows how to up its Christmas dining!

Tempting Holiday Cocktails for festive cheer

The holidays in Arizona are never complete without sipping on festive, creative cocktails designed to quench your thirst and augment the holiday spirit. Numerous pop-up bars around the city offer a delightful experience of enjoying festive cocktails amidst over-the-top holiday-inspired decor.

Signature Holiday Cocktails

  • Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails: Featuring festive cocktails and holiday-inspired bites.

  • Miracle Bar: This Christmas-themed pop-up cocktail bar provides patrons with a dose of holiday cheer with its holiday décor, professionally developed cocktails, and the nostalgic energy of the best office party you’ve ever attended.

  • Royal Palms Resort and Spa: Enjoy bold and beautiful decorations, specially curated menus, flavorful cocktails, and cheer spread throughout December.

  • The Henry: Its charm and fun neighborhood vibe are classic and the perfect place to meet up for drinks or a Christmas dinner with friends.

  • Cham Pang Lanes | Ghost Donkey | Palma is preparing to transform into a festive destination serving delicious limited-time holiday cocktails through December.

Arizona maintains the festive vibe with traditional and trending hot spots that are warming and full of Christmas spirit! Buckle up for a sipping spree this holiday season!

Creative Ideas for Gift Wrapping

Classic Gift Wrapping Techniques

Gift wrapping is one of the most awaited activities of the Christmas season. It is an art that adds a personal touch to every present and makes the gift-receiving process all the more exciting. Here are some classic gift-wrapping techniques that never fail to strike a chord.

  1. Traditional Christmas-themed Wrapping Paper: This wrapping style screams Christmas, offering many variations of classic designs and patterns. Accentuate your present using a shiny, bright-colored ribbon to tie a bow around it.

  2. The Marvelous Metallic Trend: Nothing spells class like wrapping gifts in metallic silver, gold, or bronze wrapping paper. Consider choosing a thick, matte ribbon in a complementary or contrasting color for a sophisticated touch.

  3. Go Vintage with Brown Craft Paper: One of the most understated yet elegant wrapping styles, using brown craft paper gives your gifts a classic, rustic charm. Tie a pinecone or a sprig of holly to the package with a burlap string or red ribbon for a touch of traditional Christmas feel.

  4. Japanese Style (Furoshiki) Wrapping: Furoshiki wrapping involves using a single cloth to wrap your present beautifully. It provides a sophisticated look to your gift, making the process sustainable and visually appealing.

Remember, wrapping gifts is about expressing your love and good wishes for the recipient. Therefore, ensure your gifts look pretty and are wrapped with love and care.

Sustainable Gift Packaging Alternatives

Sustainable gift packaging alternatives are gaining popularity as we become more conscious about our environment. These greener choices reduce waste and add a unique and thoughtful touch to your presents. Here are some environment-friendly gift packaging solutions.

  1. Reusable Bags and Boxes: Instead of wrapping each gift, use a reusable bag or box. They're an excellent sustainable alternative and can be used for other purposes after the holidays.

  2. Newspaper Wraps: Old newspapers and magazines are a fantastic way to reuse and reduce waste. You can get creative with the headlines and pictures for a unique presentation.

  3. Reusable Cloth Bags or Furoshiki: This technique can be used with any ornamental or festive cloth inspired by the Japanese art of fabric wrapping. It's reusable, versatile, and adds an exceptionally stylish look to your gifts.

Sustainable gift packaging alternatives are not only beneficial for the environment, but they can also make your gifts stand out from the crowd. So go ahead and make this Christmas a sustainable one!

Personalized Wrapping Ideas

State-of-the-art gift wrapping is taking a shift away from conventional styles, placing more emphasis on personalization. A personalized wrap gives a unique touch, making the receiver feel even more special. Here are ways to add a personal touch to your gift wrappings:

  1. Custom Names or Initials: Instead of gift tags, write your recipient's name or initials directly on the wrapping paper. You can use metallic markers and fine-tip paint pens to create a handwritten, personalized look.

  2. Personalized Photo Tags: Print out personal photos and use them as gift tags. It could be a fun photo of you and the recipient or something that reminds them of a shared memory.

  3. Hand-Drawn Designs: Showcase your artistic side by drawing on your gift wrap. You could sketch out simple Christmas symbols or a design that the recipient appreciates.

  4. Include a Personal Note: Tie a small scroll to the gift ribbon with a personal note inside. This addition of warm, heartfelt wishes can make any gift more valuable.

Personalization is all about adding a piece of you to each gift. It shows the efforts you've put in to make the present special. It's the thought and effort that counts and, in turn, makes it all the more remarkable for the recipient.

Adventurous Arizona Activities to Explore this December

Christmas at The Scottsdale Fairmont Princess Resort

Visit the Magic of Christmas in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale becomes an enchanting winter wonderland in December, especially around the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort. The resort has arguably become Arizona's Christmas capital with its festive transformation with over 6 million sparkling LED lights and one-of-a-kind decorations.

Here, you can savor the Yuletide splendor from December through New Year's week. The highlights of the Christmas events include an ice skating rink, a colorful Enchanted Plaza with a four-story musical Christmas tree, a glittering lagoon light show, and a chance to meet Santa Claus himself. Roasting marshmallows over a fire pit, experiencing the thrill of a Ferris wheel, and train rides transport you to a magical Christmas story.

This Scottsdale Christmas adventure guarantees a memorable holiday experience, all while residing comfortably in the warmth of the Scottsdale sun. Its festivities prove irresistible, even for the Grinch! Do not miss out on witnessing the electrifying Christmas cheer of Scottsdale during your Arizona holiday.

Experiencing the magic of the Flagstaff, Arizona Winter Wonderland

Flagstaff, Arizona, offers an unparalleled winter wonderland experience with a traditional white Christmas touch. Sited at 7,000 feet, Flagstaff becomes a snowy mountain of memories where you can bask in the holiday spirit amidst snow-laden pine forests.

A prime attraction is the Arizona Snowbowl, where you can savor some holiday skiing on the pine-covered mountainsides. The facility caters to novice and advanced skiers, ensuring fun for everyone. For serenity seekers, cross-country skiing at the Nordic Center provides you with serene, snowy solitude.

Flagstaff's historic downtown, decked in festive decorations for Christmas, houses the official Arizona Winter Wonderland. You can enjoy seasonal shopping, tasty holiday treats, and various activities to get you into the holiday spirit.

One of the most magical experiences in Flagstaff is the North Pole Experience, where you can tour Santa's elaborate workshop, the elf-sized toy factory, and Mrs. Claus' bakery. Night tours are also available, offering a different charm under the starry, snowy skies.

Flagstaff Train Ride

The Riordan Mansion State Historic Park, adorned with striking Christmas decor, is another delightful visit during the holiday season. If you're seeking a quintessential white Christmas experience with sleigh bells and Santa Claus, Flagstaff's Winter Wonderland is the place to be in December!

Enjoy The Holiday Light Display at The Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo transforms into a captivating brilliance every holiday season with ZooLights, the Valley's “brightest” holiday tradition. The zoo lights up from November 22 to January 14 with nearly four million twinkling lights.

ZooLights takes place nightly from 5:30 to 10:30 PM, and ticket prices start at $30 ($25 for Phoenix Zoo members). This season promises to be bigger and brighter than ever before and offers all-new animal lanterns and light displays, a brand-new 200-foot-long lighted tunnel, and the largest floating tree in North America.

With enhanced Santa experiences, brand-new music, and a light show that will take you around the world, ZooLights makes experiencing the magic of the holiday season an unforgettable experience for the entire family.

To learn more information or purchase tickets, visit the Phoenix Zoo's official website, So, light up your holiday spirit this December, align with this festive tradition & enjoy the dazzling enchantment of The Phoenix Zoo's Zoolights.

Visit the Glendale Glitters Holiday Festival

Visiting the Glendale Glitters Holiday Festival is a must for anyone spending Christmas in Arizona. Ranked as Arizona's largest accessible holiday light display, Glendale Glitters has brightened up the historic downtown Glendale for many generations.

Glendale Glitter & Glow

This enchanting festival transforms Glendale into the Southwest rendition of the North Pole and runs through January 1, illuminating a sixteen-block area with over 1.6 million LED lights. The festival includes various activities, including the Murphy Park lights and displays, thrilling performances in the amphitheater, the much-awaited Hometown Christmas Parade, and the memorable Movies by Moonlight.

You’ll find local stores lit up, offering a perfect opportunity for some last-minute Christmas shopping. Also exciting are the horse-drawn carriage rides that fill the atmosphere with an old world's festive charm. The exceptional cuisine, the visits from Santa, and the musical performances further enhance the joyous vibe.

A trip to the Glendale Glitters Festival promises to be a joyous celebration of festive lights, entertainment, and fun that should undoubtedly be at the top of any Christmas enthusiast's bucket list.

Visit the Las Mujeres Verdes Mercado

The Las Mujeres Verdes Mercado in Tucson, Arizona, is a must-visit destination during your Arizona Christmas season. Located at the Coalition Space, this marketplace thrives with a village of miniature storefronts featuring numerous artisan vendors, specialty crafters, and boutiques.

This unique shopping experience is an opportunity to acquire distinctive and thoughtful holiday gifts inspired by local artistic talents. From traditional, handcrafted decor to signature Arizona-made items, you can bag nuanced souvenirs that foster the spirit of Christmas.

As shoppers explore the pop-up stands and vibrant boutiques, they can satiate their festive cravings with a wide range of delightful seasonal treats and lip-smacking, festive beverages.

The Coalition Space provides an ideal spot for a festive splurge and a joyous family bonding experience at community events, from small markets to movie nights during the holiday season in Arizona.

Visit a Neighborhood Christmas Church Celebration

Embrace the magic of Christmas by attending a Valley Christmas Church Celebration. A notable event will begin on Saturday, December 21 - 24th, at Christ's Church of The Valley. With multiple campus locations throughout the valley, you're sure to find one near you.

The program features meaningful traditions, such as the singing of Christmas carols and melodies, and usually includes classic Christmas sing-alongs.

This awesome Christmas program blends traditional Christmas favorites, light-hearted skits, and interactive fun - a heartfelt and enjoyable experience for the entire family.

So, mark your calendars, and don't miss out on this event's authentic Christmas warmth. Experience the spirit of Christmas at CCV. You won't want to miss this!

Enjoy a Family Skate Night at CitySkate in Phoenix, Arizona

Enjoy a Winter Wander Land at CitySkate, home to Phoenix's real outdoor ice rink!

The rink is conveniently located at CityScape Phoenix in the heart of downtown Phoenix and operates from December til January 8, 2024. It offers an ideal outdoor environment where beginners and experienced skaters enjoy icy fun under the clear desert sky.

This ice skating extravaganza also provides skate rental facilities and an incredibly picturesque setting, with thousands of twinkling lights and a 36-foot-tall Christmas tree that make the perfect backdrop for your holiday minis. On-site tickets and rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the ticket booth near the ice rink.

Skating under the Southwestern sky with holiday music humming in the background delivers a unique and magical holiday experience, whether you're a pro on skates or just slipping into them for the first time.

Don't forget to bundle up and bring your sense of adventure for an exciting family skate night at CitySkate. Both kids and adults will gladly skate their way into the holiday spirit!

Attend a Festival of the Arts

A great way to experience local culture and support the Arizona arts community during the holiday is by attending a Festival of the Arts. These cultural events offer an opportunity to shop for unique holiday gifts created by local artisans, alongside engaging in live musical performances, craft demonstrations, delicious food, and much more.

An example is the Scottsdale Arts Festival, rated as one of the top art fairs in the United States. The three-day-long celebration, held at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, usually in March, showcases the finest works from more than 170 jury-selected artists from throughout the United States and Canada and offers plenty of attractions for families, including hands-on activities for children.

Another popular event is the Festival of Lights at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village in Sedona, which boasts more than 6,000 flickering luminaries, setting the courtyards ablaze. The lighting ceremony happens at 5 p.m. and features live and festive music, free cider, and Santa Claus.

These festivals offer a cultural immersion invaluable to experiencing an Arizona Christmas. They bring together the community to celebrate the arts, culture, food, and much more, contributing to Arizona's unique holiday charm.

Visit a Christmas Parade in Payson, Arizona

Visiting the Christmas Parade in Payson, Arizona, promises to be a joyous and festive celebration that embodies the spirit of Christmas. This beloved annual tradition brightens up the quaint mountain town every December.

In 2023, the much-anticipated Electric Light Parade is all set to light up the streets of Payson on December 9. This year's theme, "'73 Jubilee," promises a touch of the funky '70s to the procession. You can expect to see decorated trucks and floats, marching bands, and carolers clad in retro outfits, adding a unique appeal to the parade.

Furthermore, head to Green Valley Park for Winter Wonderland before the parade. From 1 to 5 p.m., you can explore an ice rink with skate rental vendors and even meet Santa himself! At 5:30 p.m., witness the beautiful illumination of the Christmas tree before the parade takes over Main Street at 6 p.m.

The parade will take place rain or shine, making it an event you can look forward to regardless of the weather.

So, enjoy the wholesome festive pleasure of an old-fashioned Christmas parade this Christmas. Feel the fairy-tale charm of lighted floats and marching bands, and be drawn into the holiday cheer in the joyous town of Payson.

Visit a Holiday Festival Car Show

A myriad of exciting events marks the holiday season in Arizona. Click the link to view a list of various Holiday Festival Car Shows. Ideal for classic car lovers or simply those who love a good festival, these events combine the joys of Christmas with some original and custom cars that are sure to be Insta-worthy.

These car shows showcase a range of attractive vehicles, from classic vintage vehicles to modern-day marvels. Often set amidst festive displays and decorations, the spectacle is accompanied by Christmas music playing in the background, adding to the holiday vibes.

Various communities and towns organize their car shows throughout December. Details regarding entry fees, car classes, prizes, and other instructions can typically be found on the event's official website or social media pages.

Remember, whether you're a car enthusiast or not, a Holiday Festival Car Show promises seasonal vibrancy, community involvement, and a charming old-fashioned holiday experience that's simply not to be missed during Christmas in Arizona.

Capture the Magic: Instagram-Worthy Spots in Arizona for the Perfect Holiday Photo

Winter Wonderland in Scottsdale, AZ

The Winter Wonderland in Scottsdale, Arizona, is the most magical event of the year. The W Scottsdale hotel transforms into a frosted fantasy land for its annual Holiday event, making it an absolute must-visit.

Touched with a frosty ambiance, the hotel gets a snowy makeover with twinkling lights, transforming it into a dreamy Winter Wonderland. Adding to the whimsical feel are live performers and entertainers who captivate visitors with striking performances, immersing guests in the holiday magic.

Shopping packages with exclusive perks are available for travelers, while entry for hotel guests is free. Check their website for the cost of tickets for non-hotel guests.

The Winter Wonderland in Scottsdale takes the Christmas spirit to a new level. From the shimmering lights to the enchanting performances, it is a genuinely mesmerizing spectacle that adds to the joyful Christmas memories.

Christmas at the Princess

Christmas at the Princess, one of the biggest winter festivals in Arizona, is known for filling the Valley with holiday spirit. This annual festival at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess runs through January 6 and has become a holiday tradition for many families.

Christmas at The Princess promises a range of enchanting experiences. These include ice skating on the resort's rinks, gazing at over 6 million LED lights at the Lagoon light display, and riding on the Princess Express Train through a magical tunnel of lights. New this year is the Aurora Ice experience, home to Scottsdale's only glacier. Visitors can also pose with Santa for photos, enjoy fireside s'mores, and bask in the glow of a multi-story musical Christmas tree.

The festival also features a selection of add-on experiences like photos with Santa and ice skating, making every moment of your visit truly memorable. For more details, you can visit

The Christmas at the Princess experience blends beautifully with Arizona's winter climate, making it a unique holiday tradition for visitors and locals. So, pack some warm clothes, buckle up for a magical journey, and prepare to create beautiful memories at this delightful Christmas extravaganza!

Holiday Season at Desert Ridge Marketplace

It welcomes visitors from all over the valley. Desert Ridge Marketplace becomes a nucleus of holiday events and festivities. Located in Phoenix, this venue offers an abundant selection of free festive activities that cater to all age groups.

Surrounded by live music, food stalls, and many holiday displays, you're sure to find the perfect spot to take an Insta-story shot.

Check out The 12 Days of Snowfall, from December 13 to 23, which creates a magical winter experience with snowfall every Night at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., making it a mesmerizing spectacle for children and adults alike.

Other attractions include Photos with Santa, the Ember Lounge at The District Dome, and unending holiday decor. To find out more about the event, visit

The Desert Ridge Marketplace provides a perfect blend of merry entertainment, festive shopfronts, and holiday cheer, making it an ideal stop for your Christmas itinerary in Arizona.

Tempe Marketplace Holiday Season

Tempe Marketplace, a premier shopping and entertainment destination in Tempe, offers a plethora of holiday festivities that perfectly complement the holiday shopping experience. Celebrations are going on through December 24, making the Marketplace a lively hot spot for family fun and holiday cheer.

Tempe also has The 12 Days of Snowfall, which runs from December 13 to December 24. Every evening at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., witness the magic unfold as the marketplace is transformed into a winter wonderland with vibrant light shows and a flurry of snow.

Pop-up art installations, live entertainment, and picturesque photo ops amplify the holiday spirit. For more information about the Tempe Marketplace's holiday events, visit

Get ready to immerse yourself in a joy-filled, festive, inspirational, and exciting atmosphere. Whether shopping, dining, or wishing to herald the holidays with some unique experiences, Tempe Marketplace offers a holiday adventure you won't forget!

Pratt Brothers Christmas

Pratt Brothers Christmas at Rawhide paints a spectacular Christmas scenario that shouldn't be missed. Going on through December 24 on select nights, it features more than six million sparkling lights, creating a dazzling light show that will amaze you. The magic of this holiday extravaganza extends from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., painting the sky and capturing hearts with festive cheer.

The magic train ride takes you on a tour of the brightly lit Rawhide town, while the nightly parade presents a delightful procession of brightly decorated floats. Performances from live entertainers, awe-inspiring stunt shows, and enticing holiday shopping possibilities add excitement to the experience.

The Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass has partnered with Pratt Brothers Christmas, offering guests a luxurious stay, exclusive access to the event, and a host of special surprises.

In all its radiant glory, Pratt Brothers Christmas offers more than just holiday illuminations. It's a space where joy, surprises, and the spirit of Christmas come together, creating a festive fiesta to remember.

Holiday Season at Desert Farm Lights

Desert Farm Lights is a stunning holiday light installation that illuminates the West Valley on select nights through December. Located at the Justice Brothers Ranch in Waddell, this immersive event radiates holiday spirit across its eight-acre expanse.

From a joyful horse-drawn hayride to a DIY toy shop for little elves, the event is designed to cater to all family members. Savor some s'mores in giant snow globes, enjoy the kids' inflatables, capture the magic of twinkling lights, and much more. Ensuring an inclusive celebration for all, the event even offers low-sensory play nights for those who need them.

Desert Farm Lights is an extraordinary way to experience the magic of Christmas, focusing on providing joyous entertainment for everyone.

The season of joy is incomplete without experiencing the lively, festive environment of Desert Farm Lights. Make this excursion a part of your holiday plans to capture the joy and wonder of the Christmas season in Arizona!

Arizona Lights in the Night

Arizona Lights in the Night is an inspiring holiday drive-through display, bringing the holiday spirit to life in Mesa, Arizona, through December 31. This mesmerizing spectacle starts the holiday season with over a million pleasant lights, glittering candy canes, presents, and snowmen, all masterfully synchronized to cheerful holiday music.

The event runs on select nights, offering a joyful experience entirely from the comfort of your vehicle. Enhance your thrill by opting for the VIP Train ride, a new feature this year. This unique ride takes you through the magnificent light show, delivering an unforgettable adventure.

Check out their website for the cost of admission to Arizona Lights in the Night.

For more details or to purchase tickets, head over to

Arizona Lights in the Night delivers an enchanting drive-through Christmas experience, seamlessly blending a festive display and holiday tunes. This immersive holiday spectacle is an Arizona tradition that's worth becoming a part of.


Scottsdazzle in Old Town Scottsdale is a month-long holiday extravaganza that adds a spark to the holiday season through December. This cherished Arizona holiday event showcases various festive events, from craft workshops and wine tastings to family-friendly programs and traditional celebrations.

Visitors can participate in various activities throughout the month, making it a merry and memorable holiday fiesta for locals and tourists alike.

Some of the much-anticipated activities include the beloved Feliz Navidad Fiesta, the Gold Palette ArtWalk, the paw-some Santa Paws event, and a serene Scottsdale Canal Concert. For a detailed event calendar and other information, visit

Embellished with the holiday spirit, Scottsdazzle dazzles visitors with its warm, engaging, and festive appeal. It presents Scottsdale as a beaming city, full of life and celebration during Christmas, offering a holiday experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

Las Noches de las Luminarias

Las Noches de las Luminarias at the Desert Botanical Garden is an iconic holiday event in Phoenix that has cast a harmonious spell on visitors for over four decades. Through December 30, on select dates, the garden trails sparkle with the soft glow of 8,000 hand-lit luminarias and hundreds of twinkling lights.


The mesmerizing display is open from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m., inviting visitors to enjoy a serene evening walk through the lit trails with live music and festive entertainment. This year, guests can look forward to the special inclusion of Fernando Botero: El Maestro in the garden. Food and drink are also available for purchase, allowing visitors to make it a night of culinary art.

The sight of thousands of flickering luminarias blanketing the desert landscape results in a magical ambiance that beautifully captures the spirit of Christmas in Arizona. It's impossible not to be filled with holiday cheer as you explore the garden in this uniquely radiant setting.

Final Thoughts on Experiencing Christmas in Arizona

Arizona's Christmas scene is as diverse as the state, from mouth-watering traditional treats to Southwest-inspired dishes with a twist. Innovative holiday dishes and cocktails crafted by some of the best chefs in the world only add to the uniqueness of the holidays in the desert.

All these features, combined with our cultural hospitality and climate, create an unforgettable Christmas experience.

The festive events are equally exciting and integral to getting into the Christmas spirit and creating new memories. With festive splendor in the air, let's embrace the enchanting magic of December in Arizona!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and have a happy new year!


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